Empowering Veterans


Why Donate?

Currently, Veterans report the most significant problem they encounter most in military service is the ability to reintegrate back to civilian life. There has never been a granular program such as Empower The Veterans to ensure every Veteran that enters the program has the best opportunity to succeed. Simply put we are taking what makes the military so strong, the brotherhood / sisterhood and adapting it to a civilian workforce. Your donation no matter the size will be funding the needed scholarship for a veteran to attend an ETV training course. Our goal is to leave no Veteran behind, even off of the battlefield. 

There are many ways you can contribute and make a real difference in the lives of our Veterans. We can't fulfill our mission without good people like you.

Entry Level Scholarship Package

Scholarship - $3,000

3-day, in-house intensive training and a stipend for the Veterans’ business needs.


Scholarship - $4,000

2-day, in-house professional level training and a stipend for the Veteran’ business needs.


Scholarship - $5,000.00

4-day, in-house training for coffee container training.

Ready to change lives and work with us? Great!

To get involved, please fill out the form below and we will contact you and discuss ways we can work together.