Empowering Veterans to Start Living in Action

Our Veterans are choosing to Live in Action alongside other likeminded Veterans that want a hand up, not a hand out. For years they sacrificed their time away from family and friends only to come home feeling empty. Through the power of E.I.G.H.T., Empower the Veterans is igniting mission, purpose, providing structure, establishing accountability, and providing a pathway for healing and camaraderie.


Empower The Veterans will provide reintegration life skills centered on becoming effective communicators, business and wellness training programs for Veterans who are in need of psychosocial healing either before or during entrepreneurial training. The entrepreneurial training will also assist with start-up equipment for Veterans seeking to develop their own business.

Join your fellow Americans, in revolutionizing the way we say, "Thank you, for your service."

For just $8 or more a month, you are supporting the opportunity for Veterans and their families to build their own business, and earn a sustainable income.

"The American Military is the best trained force, Empower The Veterans will train the best work force.”

— Chad Watts —

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