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Our History

Research reports that 44% of post 9/11 Veterans have difficulty reintegrating from active duty to civilian life. There are two major reasons for the difficulty: one is the challenge to articulate how their military training translates to civilian work and two is the difference in structure and communication. We have set out to replace the camaraderie that is most missed by the Veteran and combine that with a network of Veterans that provides a sense of belonging, recognition, accountability and employment. We are utilizing a model that was established 3 years ago as a proof of concept and it has proven to achieve our goals. This adapted model will enable us to connect Veterans to successful long-term employment. 

Our mission

Empower The Veterans will provide reintegration life skills centered on becoming effective communicators, business and wellness training programs for Veterans who are in need of psychosocial healing either before or during entrepreneurial training. The entrepreneurial training will also assist with start-up equipment for Veterans seeking to develop their own business.

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Our Goal

Currently, there are 21 million Veterans in America with a large percentage not in the workforce in a meaningful way. These Veterans are the most underutilized and best-trained workforce in our country. With many Veterans having useful and transferable skills that they struggle to communicate to employers, our goal through our best-in-class Veteran reintegration consulting programs, to capture 5% or one million Veterans and help them integrate back into successful and fulfilling lives. 

Board of Directors

Jim Hatcher


Bill Horn


Kenny Novotny


Shane Smith


Administration & Staff

Chad Watts


Hugh Roberts

General Legal Council

Duane Onarecker


Brad Dean

Vice President

Chris Manovsky

Vice President

Toni Deason

Vice President

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